WPC – The Not-So-Rounded Lanterns

Hoi An, a small city in Central Vietnam, gave me a wonderful impression. One night a couple years ago, I walked through the small lanes of the city which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City. A series of beautiful  paper lanterns with various colours and shapes were lit across the lanes above the head of people. And the drizzle of the night emphasized the lovely situation, bringing a romantic atmosphere in the air. Umbrella was wide opened with two bodies of a couple under it, close to each other. I smiled to myself, thinking of  my loved ones…

But as the wise said and I believe…

Always believe that something magical is about to happen

Hoi An Lanterns
Hoi An Lanterns


Hoi An Lanterns


13 tanggapan untuk “WPC – The Not-So-Rounded Lanterns

    1. Gak papa kok Win, semua pertanyaan kan baguuus… Hoi an beda dengan Hanoi. Kalo Hoi an ada di Vietnam Tengah, gak jauh dari kota Da Nang yg ada bandaranya. Kalo Hanoi, ya ibukota Vietnam, ada di Vietnam bagian Utara.


    1. hahaha mungkin serupa kali yaa mas Bart… tapi rasanya kalo kesini mesti sama pasangan deh kalo gak duh, yang ada bakalan manyun dan galau maksimum hahaha… (atau perasaan saya aja kali ya? hahaha)

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