WPC – Experimental Route

Experimental Route of Morning Walk

Last July, we spent a couple days of our holiday to stay in a nice hotel in Jogjakarta, the hometown of my husband. And as usual, I do a morning walk around the hotel.

While the other hotel guests walked on the paving blocks surrounding the golf course as I did on previous days, that morning I took a different direction of the walking path. This experimental route which was rarely taken by people, actually gave me a nice surprise. Besides the quietness, in the far corner of the hotel yard, I found a secret garden which was decorated by sculptures that usually adorn the Hindu or Buddhist ancient temples, which are widely spread in this region.

As a temple lover, I was so delighted with this secret garden. Of course, all the sculptures in the secret garden were not original from the temples and made in a modern way with the help of high humidity of nature so those things looked like ancient sculptures.

Being satisfied of taking pictures of the secret garden, I continued my morning walk. Suddenly a thought came into my mind about the reason behind taking this route and not the other one. I believe there is no coincidence, the universe has given me a beautiful gift to feel joy in the morning, as a nice starter of the day and I should be grateful for that…

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond – (Rumi)



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