WPC – A Serene Morning

Morning Serenity Above The Clouds

After so many considerations, finally I decided to stay in a hotel at the top of Raniban Hill, -which is located on outskirt of Pokhara city, Nepal-, during my first trip to Nepal a couple years ago. The main reason for me to stay there, was its advertising of the amazing view.

So I woke up early on my first morning at Raniban and walked out of my room to feel the morning serenity. Ignoring the cold November morning breeze, I was sure that I’d never regret to pay more for the panorama view. It was so breathtaking, made me jaw drop. The eastern view was the perfect shape of the sun above the bed of clouds with World Peace Stupa at the top of a hill and the flowing mist between the peak of hills.

Have I told that the northern side view, -exactly in front of  my room with the wide glass door-, was the beautiful snow-capped Himalaya range with the majestic Mt. Macchapuchhare or famous as Fish Tail?

The view locked me in gratitude, totally no regret at all.

WPC – Experimental Route

Experimental Route of Morning Walk

Last July, we spent a couple days of our holiday to stay in a nice hotel in Jogjakarta, the hometown of my husband. And as usual, I do a morning walk around the hotel.

While the other hotel guests walked on the paving blocks surrounding the golf course as I did on previous days, that morning I took a different direction of the walking path. This experimental route which was rarely taken by people, actually gave me a nice surprise. Besides the quietness, in the far corner of the hotel yard, I found a secret garden which was decorated by sculptures that usually adorn the Hindu or Buddhist ancient temples, which are widely spread in this region.

As a temple lover, I was so delighted with this secret garden. Of course, all the sculptures in the secret garden were not original from the temples and made in a modern way with the help of high humidity of nature so those things looked like ancient sculptures.

Being satisfied of taking pictures of the secret garden, I continued my morning walk. Suddenly a thought came into my mind about the reason behind taking this route and not the other one. I believe there is no coincidence, the universe has given me a beautiful gift to feel joy in the morning, as a nice starter of the day and I should be grateful for that…

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond – (Rumi)



WPC – Hunters of the Misty Valley

The hunters of morning mist
The hunters of morning mist

I select this photo for the  Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Morning.

Starting from Jogjakarta before 05:00 AM and driving less than 1 hour, my family and I arrived in Punthuk Setumbu Hill with the other hunters of the misty valley. Well, Punthuk Setumbu Hill is one of the favorite places to see the misty valley with Borobudur, the famous Buddhist temple in Indonesia. Every morning, especially between June and August we can see the Borobudur temple which reveals itself slowly out of the misty valley and of course beautiful sunrise as well. If lucky enough, we can see the Mt. Merapi and Mt. Merbabu.

For this challenge, it’s not about the misty Borobudur, but the hunters. I love to see them with their gadgets and gears trying to capture their best.