Loro Blonyo, as Symbol of Better Half

This week, share an image that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively. You could focus on composition, like me, and take a photo with an explicit dividing line (either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). Or take the theme in other direction: zoom in on a pair of objects that together form a whole. Show two people whose demeanor or personality complement each other. Or bring into balance two opposing visual elements – light and dark, color and its absence, sharp focus juxtaposed with blurriness.

Loro Blonyo Dynamic Dancers
Loro Blonyo Dynamic Dancers

Originally Loro Blonyo is a pair statue of bride-and-groom, dressed in traditional Javanese clothes, kneeling and sitting side by side; and has a sacred meaning related to the goddess of fertility and prosperity. However, nowadays the form and meaning of Loro Blonyo has been shifted to an aesthetic function, as a decoration in a house, not only in traditional Javanese houses, but it’s common to see Loro Blonyo in modern Indonesian houses, as a representative of family life between the better-halves, husband and wife as beautiful relationship in harmony.

Like the photo which I submit to this week’s challenge, I preferred Loro Blonyo as dancers in dynamic pose, a man and a woman, complement to each other in marriage and life as better-half. And other reason I take this photo is the colors, half yellow and half off-white, exactly differentiate the background of Loro Blonyo. The two becomes one. The unity.

This post is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of this week is Half and Half

5 tanggapan untuk “Loro Blonyo, as Symbol of Better Half

  1. The statues hold such a deep philosophical meaning, Mbak. Dua yang berbeda, menjadi satu, saling melengkapi, kayaknya sempurna sekali. Yin dan yang, siang dan malam, pria dan wanita, kehidupan akan terjadi ketika semuanya bersatu, kalau kata filsuf zaman dulu yang pernah saya baca. Beautiful!

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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