WPC : A Close-up of Pinto Aceh

Pinto Aceh Brooch
Pinto Aceh Brooch

For this week’s photo challenge, we’re asked to share a photo with an object in close-up. I have several options to share but for this time, I took out my gold jewelry from the box. Actually I’ve never worn this brooch which I got from my auntie a long time ago.

It’s a handmade Pinto Aceh brooch.

Beside the 2004 tsunami and the delicious coffee, especially for women, Aceh is also famous of its traditional gold jewelry with beautiful design that we call Pinto Aceh or Aceh’s Door in English.

Why is it called Pinto Aceh? Is it a door or what? Well, my curiosity brought me to google it …

History said that a skillful gold artisan from Blang Oi Village, Mahmoed Ibrahim, designed it originally for a brooch in early 20th century, based on a real door! It was a door of a monument in Sultan Iskandarmuda’s palace, named Pinto Khob. The Sultan’s wife and her maids walked through this beautiful door for taking a bath in a pond or river near the palace. Now the area which the monument is located becomes a riverside recreation park, Tanian Putroe Phang.

Since my brooch is small, around 2 cm X 2 cm, I can’t imagine how difficult to make a handmade Pinto Aceh brooch with the flowers, arches and chains. The artisan should be an expert in gold jewelry with lots of patience and persistence, to keep the standard quality of Pinto Aceh jewelry.

However nowadays Pinto Aceh, as a design is also applied to another jewelry e.g hairpin, earrings, bracelet and tie’s gold pin. Pinto Aceh is usually made of 18k – 22k gold.

11 tanggapan untuk “WPC : A Close-up of Pinto Aceh

  1. Wow, handmade… mereka pasti mengerjakan ini dengan tingkat ketelitian yang sangat tinggi :)). Aceh memang masih menyimpan sejuta misteri yang menanti untuk dikuak, daerah itu memang sebuah provinsi yang sangat menarik! Saya kepengin bisa mengunjungi Aceh lagi, semoga suatu saat niat ini bisa ditunaikan :amin.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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