WPC – Spare Spot to Illuminate

An Old Stone Lamp

During a trip in Central Vietnam, I took a full day river cruise on the lovely Perfume River which flows through the city of Huế. At first, we stopped on the bank of the river at a traditional Vietnam house which welcome us with twigs of leafless frangipani trees planted on its spare yard and a central pond with lotus leaves floating. Heavy clouds seen in the sky and to emphasize the gloomy atmosphere, the drizzle decorated the late morning.

But the traditional house we visited was built in the modern era. Beside several bulbs of lamps on its roof and two standing electric fans on the corner, my eyes caught a beautiful old stone lamp in the yard as spare spot for candles or natural torch to illuminate the dark nights. It might not be used anymore but its existence there made me thinking. It could beautify the garden at night if we put the candle in the stone lamp during nights…

And I was thinking further… Like that stone lamp, sometimes we forgot the use of it as time goes by although we’re passing by every day. It’s only standing there, watching us coming and going. Perhaps there are some spare places, deep in our hearts, but we treated those places like the stone lamp. It’s only needed one action to beautify our life. Just ignite it.

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topics of Spare