WPC – Ceremony of Changing Guards

A couple minutes walking from the Exit 2 City Hall Subway Station, finally I stood in front of the Daehanmun Gate of Deoksugung Palace in Seoul, South Korea.  Deoksugung Palace is one of the places where the ceremony of changing Royal Guards will be held first at  11.00 AM. Arrived too early, I preferred to wait the ceremony before exploring the palace, behind the front gate. 

The ceremony of Changing Royal Guards in Deoksugung which is similar to the process at Buckingham Palace in London, was re-established in 1996 after extensive and thorough research by Korean historians.

The ceremony lasts for 30 minutes and always follows the standard rules. Beginning with traditional musical accompaniment, wearing beautifully coloured costumes, the royal guard troops walk in neat rows then the new commander will meet to the other commander who was on-duty to exchange passwords and keys as verification and to ensure the authenticity of the assignment. Then proceed with the changing of the guards position and followed by the rest of troops.

Being there, without any knowledge of the stages and story behind the ceremony of changing royal guards, I had to admit that the ceremony was very interesting because of the beautiful colours of their traditional costumes.


Deoksugung Palace in Seoul, South Korea can be reached by taking Subway Line 1 from Seoul Station and get off at City Hall, Exit-2. The signage of direction is clear in English and Hangeul. The schedule of ceremony: 11.00, 14:00 and 15:30

Colorful on Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony
Colorful on Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony
The Changing of Royal Guards Ceremony
Ceremony of Changing Royal Guards at Deoksugung
Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony - Password exchange
Ceremony of Changing Royal Guards at Deoksugung – The Keys and Password Exchange
Leader on the Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony
Ceremony of Changing Royal Guards at Deoksugung – The Leader

WPC – Some Details on Haeinsa Temple

There are lots of intricate colorful design on Haeinsa Temple, a religious place where Tripitaka Koreana, -the whole of Buddhist Scriptures carved onto 81.350 wooden printing-blocks since 1398-,  are enshrined. Located on a mountain as part of the Gayasan National Park, near the city of Daegu, South Korea, this beautiful temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Korea.

The buildings in the temple complex are amazing, the colors are so vibrant. I looked up at the roof and got a surprise, the details on it were totally stunning. And I thought about the people, the monks behind the art-work. It should not be just an art, but a way of life.

And if I notice further, on the design I could see a bird or a wing at least, a hand with an arrow and flowers, of course. Could you see those as well?


A corner of temple's roof
A corner of temple’s roof
Could you see an arrow?
Could you see an arrow?

As my entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Detail

WPC – Landscape of Mt Seorak

It was Autumn when I made a day-trip from Seoul to Mt. Seorak National Park, one of the favorite tourist destinations and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Tentative List in South Korea. It’s famous because of the beautiful landscape, especially in Autumn.

The view of Mt Seorak National Park from the cable car

But actually, being  wandering on the rocks up there was totally amazing for me. And from there I was able to see Sokcho, the nearest city to Mt Seorak.

The View of Sokcho, the nearest city to Mt. Seorak
The rocks of Mt. Seorak

WPC – When Leaves Were In Transition

The Leaves in Transition
The Leaves in Transition

It was memorable moments when I walked alone in the Secret Garden, behind one of the famous South Korean palaces in Seoul, the Changdeokgung. It was early November and the leaves on trees in the garden were in transition, from green to yellow or red then brown, then they fell to the ground.

Being a person who lives in a tropical country with only summer and rainy season, for me autumn season is a remarkable time. Knowing about autumn is one thing, but walking in a real garden with the trees in a color transition in Autumn was another amazing unforgettable moments.

“As the Leaves change, so do we…

The lucid colors of the trees reminded me of the eternity of change. As the leaves change, so do we. With the changing seasons comes new beginnings. We all change colors and lose our leaves, but after that we bloom again…