WPC – Admiration of the Asian Heritages

Been to lots of historical temples in my country since I was kid, made me admiring of the heritage sites, especially temples. When I was in a temple as a kiddie tourist, my mind was full of imagination of the life of people, the communities, their culture and the kingdoms around that time, and the relationships between the kingdoms as well…

As time go by, I can’t help myself not to go to the heritage sites in neighboring countries. With the same curiosity and eagerness seeing the temples, finally I visited to the heritage sites of the related kingdoms in South East Asia. And there I was still imagining the life of people and their culture during the temples’ golden era.

From Indonesia, the Borobudur…

A guy performs a Pradaksina, the rite of clockwise circumambulating in Borobudur, World Heritage Site in Indonesia

to Cambodia, the Angkor Wat…

Sunrise at Angkor Wat – World Heritage Site in Cambodia

Also Preah Vihear, a world heritage temple in Cambodia, near the border to Thailand…

Preah Vihear, World Heritage Site in Cambodia

Then to Thailand, the kingdom of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya at Night, World Heritage Site in Thailand

Also Sukhothai in Thailand

Sukhothai – World Heritage Site in Thailand

And to temples of Bagan in Myanmar…

Beautiful Heritage Site in Bagan, Myanmar

Then the unforgotten My Son Champa ruins in Central Vietnam

My Son, Champa ruins – World Heritage Site in Vietnam

And recently, last week exactly… Wat Phou in Lao PDR

Wat Phou Champasak, World Heritage Site in Lao PDR

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Admiration