WPC – The Rare Double Rainbows

Rainbows over the water

I don’t know why but honestly I love to see rainbow. Although it is normal to see rainbow in the sky after the rain, but usually I let my right brain wins and claims it as the angels’ ribbon from God to decorate the sky 🙂

That’s why I was so amazed seeing it when I was exactly on the top center of Kurobe Dam, a variable-radius arch dam on Kurobe River in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Standing on the edge of the dam with 186m of height and 492m of crest length and looking down at the double rainbows above the orifice floodgates discharging water, I was thinking that God is good sending the angels to decorate the whiteness of water with double rainbows in front of me… wow it’s rare… LOL…

Well, back to reality… Kurobe Dam is located on 1454m above sea level makes it the tallest dam in Japan and this place is one of many points of interest in Tateyama – Kurobe Alpine Route.