WPC – The Mirror Of Nature

Last month I visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia for the umpteenth time. Angkor Wat is the place in the world which I feel I belong to; a place for recharging my energy. No matter how many other beautiful places I visit, I always feel the magical spark in me when I stand in the ancient walkway of Angkor Wat. I feel so comfortable to walk along the cozy corridors or the surrounding forest which perhaps, nothing special for other person.

Another Sunrise in Angkor Wat

So, it was early morning of Khmer New Year, -it’s in the mid of April-, and I found myself standing in front of a small pond in Angkor Wat. I joined the other people to watch beautiful sunrise there before I enjoyed my walk in the lush forest around it.

The small pond in southern part of main entrance is different to the similar pond in northern part which is full of lotus. This time I felt so lucky with the small water in it. Just perfect as a mirror of the nature with its majestic temple. I could see the small ripple of water when something disturbed it. Totally perfect for me. Right place, right moment.

Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees only so long as it surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the Self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed.

WPC – Be The Candle or The Mirror…

Krathong, -a container with candle inside-, floated on river
Krathong, -a container with candle inside-, floated on river

Passing years by years, I feel that life is so beautiful, decorated with lots of ups and downs, cheers and tears, sometimes smooth and easy then heavy burdens color the days but we should not to give up. We are not here to curse the darkness but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness.

And when we are in the dark I believe that a single candle can defy and define the darkness. It is small flame but enough to give light.

But I remember the nice words from Rumi. Being a candle is not easy, in order to give light one must first burn. I cannot imagine how hard to live like a candle which burns itself to give light to others. It is definitely true, it’s not as easy as said. But there is an option as Edith Wharton said,

There are two ways of spreading light, …. to be the Candle, or the Mirror that reflects it. 

A mirror or similar things that has the same function to reflect the light.

But please remember being a mirror requires many things that are not easy as well. At the end, the choice is in our own hands.

The reflection of a floating Krathong
The reflection of a floating Krathong