WPC – Who Looks Inside, Awakens

Let me start with the nice sayings from the famous Persian Sufi mystic,

Why are you knocking at every other door? Go, knock at the door of your own heart – Rumi

So what is Life? Usually people will answer it by saying it is from B to D, from Birth to Death. Yeah, of course it’s not wrong, but is it only that? We can make it more meaningful by questioning the thing between B and D. Well, what is between B and D? We all know it is a ‘C’. But what is actually a ‘C’ for us? It is a CHOICE. Yes, our life is a matter of choices, we should live well and it will never go wrong.

A simple example is Happiness. Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make us happy until we choose to be happy. No person will make us happy unless we decide to be happy. Our happiness will not come TO us, it can only come FROM us.

Undoubtedly, nothing is more compelling than the power of choice. Every time, we are being presented with a choice. We can choose good over evil, right over wrong, evolve over remain. And then if we choose to evolve, we will connect with the strength within us, we will explore what lies outside of our comfort zone. We will be awaken to love, we will become, we will be.

Thus as we are awaken to the power of choice, we are always given the opportunity to start anew. As simple as that.


Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes
Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes

WPC – Autumn Leaves On The Trunk

Leaves on A Trunk

In Fall, leaves are so brilliant with the colors of gold and red. We can cup them in our hands, look at them and feel amazed at their beauty. But only one or two leaves are just left on the tree trunk. Becoming the last leaves.

Eventually they become brown, crumbling, scattered by the wind, gone and forgotten forever.

But the tree still remains. The tree itself is what is important. Still lives on, without any leaves.

It is a difficult knowledge to bear and an even more difficult life to live. But no other options because life must go on. It is difficult, but it doesn’t mean can not be done.


I seek truth and beauty in the transparency of an autumn leaf,
in the perfect form of a seashell on the beach,
in the curve of a woman’s back,
in the texture of an ancient tree trunk,
but also in the elusive forms of reality
(Isabel Alende)

WPC – The Need to Feel Safe and Secure

Inside St Domingos, Macau
Inside Kiyomizudera, Kyoto

Everyone needs to feel safe and secure.

Life can be hard, tough and it will sometimes bring you down to your knees, but do not let that harden your heart. Please remember that the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart. Keep the faith, keep hope alive, so don’t give up. Keep on believing, just when it seems all over, help is on the way. The sun will shine again and you feel light and love fill up your heart. If light is in your heart, you will find your way Home, because there is nothing more important than a good safe and secure Home.


WPC – A Tunnel Of Dense Plants

Tunnel of a dense plants

Being born and living in most of my life with Asian culture, I did not have many high expectations when I took a half day tour using a dragon shaped boat in Perfume river that crosses the city of Huế, Central Vietnam. Especially when the tour guide said that we would stop at a typical house of Vietnamese in the bank of the river. What would I see from a traditional house in Vietnam? It would not have significant differences to other houses in Asia. Perhaps it was one of my judging assumptions after being a victim of several low categorized scams during my trip in Vietnam.

But, I was totally wrong!

The entrance of the house made me amazed. It was a lane through a tunnel made by dense plumeria trees that welcomed me before stepping further into the inner yard of the house. A green tunnel of plants’ leaves is common but what I saw was a tunnel made of the trees’ branches and twigs with no leaves. Something rare but worth to be seen which left a nice mark in my heart.

It was a lesson learnt for me not to judge a destination whatever I have experienced previously. Live the present moment! And perhaps the following words will be perfect for that circumstance,

There is no darkness so dense, so menacing or so difficult that is cannot be overcome by light – Vern P Stanfill


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion


WPC - Motion
WPC – Motion


Advice from a waterfall (*)

Go with the flow

Roar with excitement

Let your cares fall away

Create your own music

Immerse yourself in nature

Stay active

Make a splash!

(Ilan Shamir)


(*) although through artificial rocks… 😀


I was in Hong Kong Disneyland, in a a small artificial cave,  when I had a chance to learn to take a waterfall picture. But I didn’t bring my tripod, so I put the camera on a stone (flat enough).

In response to WPC Motion