WPC – As The Sun Rises, Hope Soars

In wishing you a fond farewell, we wanted to share our all-time favorite photos with you. We welcome you to share your favorites with us…

I could not believe my eyes when knowing that this week Weekly Photo Challenge would be the final one, but as change is eternal, we have to accept this decision, even with a little sadness. I have so much enjoyed the photo challenges over the years and also the people I have connected through their posts. For me, Weekly Photo Challenge is so special, because it’s the only way to push me to post regularly. For the Daily Post’s team, thank you for having been here for all of us over the years.

And as requested, I want to post my all-time favorite photo as a fond farewell to the great team of Daily Post. It is not the end, because I believe as they say, they will be focusing their attention on other great projects on WordPress.com

About the photo, I love the sunrise in Pokhara, Nepal. From my hotel I could see the sun over the World Peace Stupa which were built on top of a hill with sea of clouds surround it. It’s a magical moment, as a reminder that as the sun rises, hope soars. Like the team of Daily Post, this is not the end. The upcoming great projects are waiting for them and for us also. It’s time for them and for us also to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

As happened in life,

A Sunrise is God’s way of saying, Let’s start again. Todd Stocker

Morning Serenity Above The Clouds
Morning Serenity Above The Clouds