WPC – The Universe is Transformation, Life is Opinion

Fall leaves

Open the eyes, open the mind, open the heart, the ever-changing universe reminds us to put our present problems in life into perspective. Life may be difficult, but nothing we experience lasts forever. No matter how magnificent or important something is or seems to be, nothing treasure lasts forever. So do not grieve…

Just notice around how the trees do not cling to their leaves, look during fall, it is about releasing the old to make way for the new.

Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes round in another form – Rumi


In response to Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Transformation

WPC – Autumn Leaves On The Trunk

Leaves on A Trunk

In Fall, leaves are so brilliant with the colors of gold and red. We can cup them in our hands, look at them and feel amazed at their beauty. But only one or two leaves are just left on the tree trunk. Becoming the last leaves.

Eventually they become brown, crumbling, scattered by the wind, gone and forgotten forever.

But the tree still remains. The tree itself is what is important. Still lives on, without any leaves.

It is a difficult knowledge to bear and an even more difficult life to live. But no other options because life must go on. It is difficult, but it doesn’t mean can not be done.


I seek truth and beauty in the transparency of an autumn leaf,
in the perfect form of a seashell on the beach,
in the curve of a woman’s back,
in the texture of an ancient tree trunk,
but also in the elusive forms of reality
(Isabel Alende)

WPC – When Leaves Were In Transition

The Leaves in Transition
The Leaves in Transition

It was memorable moments when I walked alone in the Secret Garden, behind one of the famous South Korean palaces in Seoul, the Changdeokgung. It was early November and the leaves on trees in the garden were in transition, from green to yellow or red then brown, then they fell to the ground.

Being a person who lives in a tropical country with only summer and rainy season, for me autumn season is a remarkable time. Knowing about autumn is one thing, but walking in a real garden with the trees in a color transition in Autumn was another amazing unforgettable moments.

“As the Leaves change, so do we…

The lucid colors of the trees reminded me of the eternity of change. As the leaves change, so do we. With the changing seasons comes new beginnings. We all change colors and lose our leaves, but after that we bloom again…