WPC – Earth Day Is Coming


Six months before the big earthquake struck Nepal, I took a close-encounter Himalaya mountain flight-seeing tour which was one of memorable experience I’ve ever had. Seeing the snow-capped highest mountains in the world was truly my dream and I’ve never regret taking that ‘not cheap’ mountain flight.

Perhaps, as the flight operator said, a trip to Nepal would be incomplete without truly understanding what really makes it beautiful. As a tropical person living in a country with a lot of no-snow capped mountains, well, for me, nothing compares to the beautiful panorama of the Himalaya has to offer, one of the most beautiful scenery on Earth.

The Holy Ghauri Shankar and Melungtse
Melungtse – Chugimago – Pigferago – Numbur



WPC – Peace on Earth Above the Clouds

Mist over the World Peace Pagoda, Raniban, Pokhara, Nepal

As Buddha said, ~peace comes from within, do not seek it without~… I just watched the amazing nature in front of me in quietness, the clouds covered the Phewa lake and city of Pokhara down there. The mist slowly covered the World Peace Pagoda on top of Raniban hill. Thank You God for loving and blessing me much more than I deserve

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me – Seymour Miller & Jill Jackson

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Earth