WPC – Rise to Bring Hope, Set to Bring Peace


The Light, Clouds and Blue Sky

One fine day in December in Bali…

Every sunrise may bring us hope and every sunset may bring us peace.

Standing at the Benoa Beach right in front of the hotel where I stayed, I wished I could see a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately, it’s cloudy and even dark clouds was hanging in the sky above me. The sun has arisen some time before and seemed to hide its beauty behind the clouds by letting its light shines through the dark clouds. It seemed to tell all the creatures on earth that the dark clouds will disappear in its time. And it’s true, as the clouds moved slowly, the blue sky started to appear.

It’s perfect as the wise people said,

Behind the dark clouds, the sky is always blue, the sun still shines, the birds always fly…

I got a simple lesson to keep hoping good in that cloudy morning. The appearing blue sky reminds us to give meanings to our own life until the time comes.

Yes, until the sun set to change the face of the day. It seemed to offer us peace into our hearts over all works that had been done well.

That day, the same day I had a cloudy sunrise, I watched the sunset with its all beauties at Kuta Beach, Bali. It seemed to say to me to let bygones be bygones peacefully and be good memories in our hearts.

Sunset at Kuta – Bali

WPC – Nature & Love Are My Greatest Inspirations

This time we are asked to show about Inspiration for the week’s photo challenge.

Well, I share a wise words which I admit the truth about it.

“Nature and love are my greatest inspirations. It is like an attempt to define the undefinable” – Ali Bukhari

Yeah, nature and love never fail to motivate me, its amazing beauty always boosts my feeling from time to time. From the small to great things, from the things inside the range or beyond my senses capability, which are all reflecting the Almighty God.

Borobudur in Morning Mist
Borobudur in Morning Mist
Sunset in Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia - Heaven on Earth...
Sunset in Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia – Heaven on Earth…
on morning flight to jogja
on morning flight to jogja
Paddy field in Sunset
Paddy field in Sunset