WPC – The Place I Left My Heart


Frequently I have difficulties to say goodbye to the city when I have to move on to another city during my travelling, especially when the time comes to go back to my home country and I don’t know when I can visit there again. But among those memorable cities, only a few cities on which I totally left my heart. No matter what, I will do my best to make time to visit these cities again, at least once in a year (last year I did twice 🙂 )

Some of you who follow my blog, will know that I have left my heart on the cities of Nepal. I have a lot of unforgettable memories on my first trip to Nepal four years ago which made me falling in love with Nepal.

One of those memories was in Raniban Retreat, in Pokhara, at the hotel’s rooftop where I can see 360 degree panorama view of the snow-capped Annapurna Range, Phewa Lake, the city of Pokhara and the stunning sunrise above the sea of clouds over the hill with the World Peace Pagoda on top of it. The breathtaking view I can see just standing in one spot! Well, that view had changed me, because for the first time, I extended my stay there. I know the hotel’s rooftop will be my favorite place to recharge my energy. It’s the place where I can just do nothing, just enjoying the view like heaven on earth and feel blessed.



Morning has broken – the sun over World Peace Pagoda and sea of clouds


Phewa Lake and City of Pokhara


11 pemikiran pada “WPC – The Place I Left My Heart

  1. Akhirnya aku tau Raniban Retreat itu pintu masuknya dari mana. Kemarin waktu kembali ke Peace Pagoda, gak sengaja nemu petunjuknya. Dan setelah melihat posisinya, kayanya aku pengen juga nih mbak suatu saat nginep di sana. Dan aku rasa gak salah, seandainya mbak Riyanti menjadikan Raniban Retreat dan Pokhara sebagai kota yang ingin dikunjungi lagi dan lagi seandainya punya waktu luang. Secara pribadi, aku juga selalu menikmati kunjunganku ke Pokhara. Dan masih pengen lagi, lagi dan lagi 🙂

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