WPC – A Face in the Crowd at ABC

Annapurna Base Camp
The Mountain or The Heli? Nature or Machine? Think of a Face in the Crowd at ABC

It was around 07.00 AM at Annapurna Base Camp, end of April last year. Being standing in the crowd at the base camp and looking around the massif Annapurna mountains in North-West part of Nepal, I felt so tiny among the huge breathtaking landscape and snow covered Himalayan mountains which are part of the highest mountains in the world. Every corner of the 360 panorama view was mesmerizing my eyes and soul. That was the most incredible place I have ever visited in my life.

A moment passed by. A guy appointed something on the rocks and said something loudly. Suddenly my eyes caught a small red object flying among the huge rocks and deep valleys of the mountains . It came closer and I was so fascinated to know that was a helicopter. It should be big enough but I could not see clearly among the rocks of high gorges. A few minutes later, as an unusual object among the surrounding nature, and its resulting wind vortex during its landing, the helicopter took the attentions of people who most were trekkers.

From the place where I stood, I captured the situation right in front of me, the people, the helicopter and the mountains. I could not see their facial expressions, I just saw their back.

Was it about the helicopter? Did someone in the base camp have problems of Altitude Mountains Sickness? Or was it about the passengers who can afford the flying cost of the helicopter instead of trekking by themselves? Or was it about the noise, -or whatever problems-, caused by the helicopter against the surrounding nature environment? Or was it still about the beautiful mountains with blue sky and snow capped peaks and the additional ‘small’ red object? 

But by capturing the anonymity of the most expressive obvious parts of us, by looking at this picture I could always play a game to ask myself the thoughts in people’s mind that time.


And here is the link to see a lot of beautiful pictures about A Face in the Crowd


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