WPC – We Want To See The Scenery Too

Buffaloes blocked the trekking way

I was on my trekking to Chomrong in Annapurna Area, Nepal, when the buffaloes blocked the way, again. It was not the first time that buffaloes blocked the trekking path. They were resting and sitting on the middle of the trail, enjoying the warm sunshine. They’re cheeky, looked at me for a while and seemed to say to me, “We want to see the scenery too…”

6 tanggapan untuk “WPC – We Want To See The Scenery Too

  1. Nice trek, did you go all the way to Annapurna Base Camp? I’ve been up in the Sanctuary a few times, once to climb Tent Peak in very deep snow. Lots of avalanches at that time with a group of 16 killed, tragic.

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    1. 16 people? Oh noo… so tragic😓
      When was that?
      No I didnt go all the way up to ABC because of limited time. But when I was around Chomrong we could see the weather become so bad, with snow fell below the normal line, at least that was what my guide said.
      But, being desperate to ABC that time, I just took the cheating way (with apology deep inside to all trekkers) that I took heli to base camp. Perhaps some other time, I wish I can do it by myself.

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