WPC – A Serene Morning

Morning Serenity Above The Clouds

After so many considerations, finally I decided to stay in a hotel at the top of Raniban Hill, -which is located on outskirt of Pokhara city, Nepal-, during my first trip to Nepal a couple years ago. The main reason for me to stay there, was its advertising of the amazing view.

So I woke up early on my first morning at Raniban and walked out of my room to feel the morning serenity. Ignoring the cold November morning breeze, I was sure that I’d never regret to pay more for the panorama view. It was so breathtaking, made me jaw drop. The eastern view was the perfect shape of the sun above the bed of clouds with World Peace Stupa at the top of a hill and the flowing mist between the peak of hills.

Have I told that the northern side view, -exactly in front of  my room with the wide glass door-, was the beautiful snow-capped Himalaya range with the majestic Mt. Macchapuchhare or famous as Fish Tail?

The view locked me in gratitude, totally no regret at all.


13 pemikiran pada “WPC – A Serene Morning

  1. Pemandangan pagi dari Raniban Hill ini kalau sedang beruntung, keren banget ya mbak. Bisa diawali dengan kemunculan Peace Pagoda di antara lautan awan, kemudian pegunungan Himalaya dari Annapurna Range di kejauhan. Kapan-kapan kalau ke sana lagi, pengen juga nih nyoba nginep di Raniban 🙂

    Keren fotonya mbak …

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