WPC – Peek A Peak

We spent one night in Kawaguchiko during our holiday in Japan last year, only for the chance to peek the beauty of Fujiyama or Mt. Fuji, the mountain icon of Japan. In our previous visit to Japan, we could not see Mt. Fuji because it was covered by the clouds. It seems Mt. Fuji is a shy mountain, it drops its veil only to the preferred ones.

Arrived in Kawaguchiko at night, we had only the chance to see the beauty of Mt. Fuji on the following day. So we woke up on early morning to see the first glimpse of sunshine on the peak of Mt. Fuji. We usually recognize Mt. Fuji with the white snow at peak but that day in early summer we saw a beautiful red brown colour on the peak, just like a red shyness on the children’s cheek.


Mt. Fuji from Kawaguciko

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