WPC – Gateway To Everest

Hillary Bridges, the Gateway To Everest

Hillary Bridge is the highest and last suspension bridge on the route between Lukla (famous for the label as the most dangerous airport in the world) and Namche Bazaar (the village where trekkers usually stay for first acclimatization) on Everest Region, Nepal. The higher bridge is newer and looks more spectacular than the lower one although both still can be used. When I crossed the bridge last month, among my admiration of beautiful surroundings I just imagined how its construction was, without any cranes and modern technology aid, everything had to be brought in manually on foot.

Situated around 50 meters upstream from the confluence of two rivers and spanning over the Dudh Kosh (river) which has white milk-alike color, the 250 meters long Hillary bridge is built on top of a stone-walled gorge 100 meters above the waterline. And sorry for those who are acrophobia, -a phobia of height-, this place may be not recommended. But for scenery lovers… hmm… priceless!

For the trekkers, it is the beginning of 600 meters steep climbing to Namche Bazaar (3400 meters above sea level) through the dense forest, usually as part of the 2 weeks Everest Base Camp trekking.

By the way, not only people cross the bridge, but mules or yaks do as well…

Just give them way to cross first… 😀



18 tanggapan untuk “WPC – Gateway To Everest

    1. Yes I think so, but because it is higher now, it makes more fun to cross it, complete with the strong wind and the sound of river.
      20 times? Wow!! You know very well this area, how about make another crossing again? 😉

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      1. Ha ha, too old and tired! I am English my wife is Nepali from Kathmandu. Climbed a few 20,000 ft peaks, ran an education NGO in Kathmandu for 10 years, Nepal Schools Aid.

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

        1. Wooww…
          As an Asian, I am a little bit late to fall in love with the country of Nepal, with the nature and culture, but hahaha truly I cant deny that I want to go back again and again…

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