WPC – Annapurna Base Camp By Heli

The Sun behind Mt. Machhapuchhre or Fish Tail

I was so blessed with my trip to Nepal last week. Although trekking is beyond my capability, I dare to dream to leave my trail to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal. How come? Well, I did my leisurely trekking to Poonhill and back to Pokhara in 8 days and then on day 9 I took a heli tour to Annapurna Base Camp. Sounds cheating? 😀

But for sure, being in a heli among the huge high cliffs and deep valleys of Annapurna range mountains, was a thrilling experience. It was like the huge rocks next to me were ready to do anything, so close, so real, so huge… hufft. And don’t think about the deep valley down below… Just sit and enjoy the views.

And then being at the similar height in the air and not crawling on the ground, I had the chance to see the beauty of the mountains, especially the beautiful Mt. Machhapuchhre or Fish Tail with the warm morning sun hidden behind the holy peaks. It’s so majestic.

Collect Moments, Not Things….

The World is full of Marvels, if you’re willing to travel far enough to see them


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11 tanggapan untuk “WPC – Annapurna Base Camp By Heli

        1. Jadi dari Pokhara aku terbang 15-20 menit ke ABC, mendarat disana, dibagian atas dari camp, lalu foto2 sampai 1 jam, helinya balik dulu ke pokhara dan avis itu kita dijemput lagi. Satu heli itu berenam. Dan terpikir utk kesana lagi naik heli lagi tp turunnya jalan kaki hahaha…


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