WPC – A Tunnel Of Dense Plants

Tunnel of a dense plants

Being born and living in most of my life with Asian culture, I did not have many high expectations when I took a half day tour using a dragon shaped boat in Perfume river that crosses the city of Huế, Central Vietnam. Especially when the tour guide said that we would stop at a typical house of Vietnamese in the bank of the river. What would I see from a traditional house in Vietnam? It would not have significant differences to other houses in Asia. Perhaps it was one of my judging assumptions after being a victim of several low categorized scams during my trip in Vietnam.

But, I was totally wrong!

The entrance of the house made me amazed. It was a lane through a tunnel made by dense plumeria trees that welcomed me before stepping further into the inner yard of the house. A green tunnel of plants’ leaves is common but what I saw was a tunnel made of the trees’ branches and twigs with no leaves. Something rare but worth to be seen which left a nice mark in my heart.

It was a lesson learnt for me not to judge a destination whatever I have experienced previously. Live the present moment! And perhaps the following words will be perfect for that circumstance,

There is no darkness so dense, so menacing or so difficult that is cannot be overcome by light – Vern P Stanfill


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