WPC – A Wish For The World (Starting From Ourselves)

It’s only one month after President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, Japan, my family had the chance to visit the ground zero where the atomic bomb was exploded 71 years ago. Before exiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, we stood in front of a glass cabinet that contains Mr. Obama’s note and the paper cranes origami made by him.

Reading the note which is emphasized by the presence of the paper cranes as the symbol of peace, I felt it’s an encouragement to the visitors to have the same wish, – for peace of the world -, since we would see the wishes after walking through a long gallery which is full of miserable and heartbreaking pictures of nuclear bomb’s impacts.

But peace cannot be achieved by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. It starts in the human heart, from our own selves and then the children. Whether the heart is open or closed has implications for the world.

A Note from President Obama
Peace Symbol made by by Mr. B. Obama
Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima
Paper cranes origami made by me

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