WPC – Repurpose of Pottery

It was so marvelous having the chance to see the beautiful works of Iskandar Jalil, -a master potter-, in his exhibition at National Gallery Singapore. The exhibition, Iskandar Jalil: Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travel), referred to his life-long dialogue with clay and belief that the material is imbued with the identities and characteristics of the land from which it comes.

I select one of his beautiful works, which I thought it’s perfect for the Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Repurpose.

The Art of Pottery
The Art of Pottery

His life-long dialogue with clay could be seen from the picture above. A pot with a plant tied it up and was put on the other pot speaks about time and the change of purpose of the ceramics he made. And still we can see the beauty…

And about National Gallery Singapore, it was opened in November 2015 and is a brand new visual arts museum that engages, excites and inspires with the art of Singapore, Southeast Asia and the world. The Gallery will contribute to Singapore’s ambition to become a global city for the arts. Located at 1 St. Andrew’s Rd #01–01, Singapore. It’s in the heart of the Civic district, two monumental buildings, -the City Hall and the former Supreme Court-, have been refurbished and will be reborn as National Gallery Singapore.

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