WPC – A Relaxing Place For The Mind

Lotus pond

Lotus pond

As a modern hectic city, Singapore is also famous as an international hub city for the travelers. Despite the fact that it has so many intimidating skyscrapers which seem having no mercy to the people who lost in life competition, Singapore provides places for relaxing the mind.

One of these places is the lotus pond that is located adjacent to the Art & Science museum in Marina Bay area. When I took this photo, many people, -perhaps workers-, were standing there and taking a break from their hectic day. It was shown on their faces that they needed the break for relaxing the mind and the lotus pond became the perfect place for that.

A simple lotus pond with its coolness gives a total fresh atmosphere around. A perfect place for taking a brief relax to regain the strength.

As Bryant McGill once said,

Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.


16 pemikiran pada “WPC – A Relaxing Place For The Mind

  1. Bagus memang ada taman lotus di tengah kota seperti ini. Rapi pula. Betah buat ditatap lama-lama. Di dekat kantor saya juga ada taman tapi saya lupa ada lotusnya atau tidak.


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