WPC – Transmogrify in A Garden

When the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge asked us for showing pictures with the theme of Transmogrify, I thought immediately of the photos I took last month in a spot inside the big dome of Garden By the Bay, Singapore.

From the distance I thought it was like the other flowerbed, I almost overlooked it, but somehow my eyes caught something different there. The flowers were special, and it’s true.

There, in a small spot not far from the artificial waterfalls, we can see hundreds of Lego plastics was constructed in form of tropical pitcher plants (Genus Nephentes) and a big red Rafflessia arnoldii among the real tropical pitcher plants and green bushes. How creative!

But luckily the real Rafflessia arnoldii was not there, because of its horrible smell, visitors can scuttled moved to another place 😀

But did you know that based on the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Raflessia arnoldii is categorized as critical endangered plant, meaning extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.




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