WPC – A Nostalgia

Hidden by the shades of trees in the corner of old street, making the cozy dining place was not easily found. But that’s the advantage of the restaurant which we have visited several years ago.

Decorated with daily lifestyle of the Dutch colonial era, the ambiance of nostalgia in the restaurant brought every sip and bite became memorable moment. Although it’s only a cup of tea, similar to the old tea set of my grandmother’s, but it transformed the event on the table into a celebration of culture.

Besides, people usually like to join a nostalgia which brings warmth of the heart.







In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Nostalgia

5 tanggapan untuk “WPC – A Nostalgia

  1. Berkat nama di foto terakhir saya googling… wah lain kali mesti kemari nih kalau main ke Bandung, hehe. Dari yang kecil-kecil seperti tea set saja sudah membawa ke masa lalu, restorannya sendiri pasti tempo doeloe juga ya. Iya, orang-orang memang suka nostalgia… asal yang diingat yang senang-senang saja, yang sedih-sedihnya jangan, dibuang saja jauh-jauh kalau yang ini mah, hehe.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. Ya ampuuun padahal sengaja dibikin dan ga jelas alias di blurrrrrrr tp masih kliatan yaa? Hihihii…
      Kalo nostalgia yg sedih2 namanya galau ya? Ga move on gitu ya? Hehehehe…


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