The Edge and The Beauty

Lotus and The edge of Wooden Terrace

Lotus and The edge of Wooden Terrace

Sometimes we gotta get through our fear just to see the beauty of life. God pushed us to the edge, or to the end of the rope. To feel it and through the presence of fear we have to conquer and make triumph over it. Being a brave one. And the only one we can do is trust God fully, to have a faith.

So when we reach to the edge, or we get to the end of the rope, tie a knot, hold on and believe… help is on the way! God will make a way when there seems to be no way. We will see the beauty is coming… Because only two beautiful things can happen, either God will catch us when we fall or God will teach us how to fly.


In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Edge for this week.


17 pemikiran pada “The Edge and The Beauty

  1. Betapa beruntungnya yang dapat bunga teratai dekat dari titian kayu. Tidak perlu zoom untuk dapat foto yang bagus :hehe (sementara saya mesti tiarap buat bisa ambil gambar yang jelas… disyukuri wae lah ya Mbak).
    Memang ya, perjuangan sepadan dengan hasil. Kalau cuma diam di tengah-tengah mencari zona aman ya dapatnya sedikit. Tapi kalau mau ambil risiko sedikit pasti hasilnya lebih. High risk, high return, kayak investasi #eaaa.

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