WPC – Hunters of the Misty Valley

The hunters of morning mist
The hunters of morning mist

I select this photo for the  Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Morning.

Starting from Jogjakarta before 05:00 AM and driving less than 1 hour, my family and I arrived in Punthuk Setumbu Hill with the other hunters of the misty valley. Well, Punthuk Setumbu Hill is one of the favorite places to see the misty valley with Borobudur, the famous Buddhist temple in Indonesia. Every morning, especially between June and August we can see the Borobudur temple which reveals itself slowly out of the misty valley and of course beautiful sunrise as well. If lucky enough, we can see the Mt. Merapi and Mt. Merbabu.

For this challenge, it’s not about the misty Borobudur, but the hunters. I love to see them with their gadgets and gears trying to capture their best.

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