WPC – Some Details on Haeinsa Temple

There are lots of intricate colorful design on Haeinsa Temple, a religious place where Tripitaka Koreana, -the whole of Buddhist Scriptures carved onto 81.350 wooden printing-blocks since 1398-,  are enshrined. Located on a mountain as part of the Gayasan National Park, near the city of Daegu, South Korea, this beautiful temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Korea.

The buildings in the temple complex are amazing, the colors are so vibrant. I looked up at the roof and got a surprise, the details on it were totally stunning. And I thought about the people, the monks behind the art-work. It should not be just an art, but a way of life.

And if I notice further, on the design I could see a bird or a wing at least, a hand with an arrow and flowers, of course. Could you see those as well?


A corner of temple's roof
A corner of temple’s roof
Could you see an arrow?
Could you see an arrow?

As my entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Detail

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