Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners

The magical moment of two birds

The magical moment of two birds

One beautiful morning in front of Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Whether there’s a celebration of something or not, all the birds are free to live and fly. At that time I was just sitting and walking on the bank of Mekong River just to feel the morning breeze. People were jogging and exercising while the birds were flying here and there.

Suddenly a magical moment I saw above my head, two birds with harmonious flying. Ah, I was so blessed being able to capture the great moment.

Beyond even the darkest clouds, the wide open blue sky goes on forever.

Trust, let go and allow yourself to take flight.

So fly! Only then can you soar.

(Martta Karol)


I select this one as my contribution to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of this week: Partners




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