WPC – Landscape of Mt Seorak

It was Autumn when I made a day-trip from Seoul to Mt. Seorak National Park, one of the favorite tourist destinations and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Tentative List in South Korea. It’s famous because of the beautiful landscape, especially in Autumn.

The view of Mt Seorak National Park from the cable car

But actually, being  wandering on the rocks up there was totally amazing for me. And from there I was able to see Sokcho, the nearest city to Mt Seorak.

The View of Sokcho, the nearest city to Mt. Seorak
The rocks of Mt. Seorak

19 tanggapan untuk “WPC – Landscape of Mt Seorak

    1. Terima kasih banyak ya mas… Seoraksan emang terkenal dg warnawarni musim gugurnya. Tp diatas (puncak) batu2 cadasnya juga luar biasa (at least buat saya siiih hehe)..


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