WPC – Life Imitates Art :-)


Borobudur temple is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world. It is a masterpiece of Indonesia’s ancient art, architecture and culture. Built between the early 8th and late 9th century during the reign of the Syailendra Dynasty on top a hill in Kedu valley, Central Java, this magnificent temple was abandoned for centuries and buried beneath layers of volcanic ash from Mount Merapi, until it was cleared on 19th century. In 1991 it was registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. And as Indonesian, I never get bored visiting Borobudur. Its long panel of beautiful reliefs show the masterpiece of artwork.


As famous monument, there are so many replicas of the Borobudur. One of those replicas, I found it in Window of The World in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China. The theme park has more than 100 replicas of the famous tourist attractions in the world so the people can go around the world to see the sights in only one day! No need to go to France to see the Eiffel Tower, nor to USA to see the Lady Liberty. Just go there, your dream to go around the world will come true 😀

As my contribution to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topics of Life Imitates Art

9 tanggapan untuk “WPC – Life Imitates Art :-)

  1. Hehe, buatannya bagus ya. Dulu ketika aku ke Windows of the World tahun 2003 juga sudah ada miniatur Borobudur ini 😛 . Tapi dari sana yang paling berkesan bagiku adalah “miniatur” air terjun Niagaranya. Itu mantap banget airnya! Hahaha 😆

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