WPC – To the Eternal Flow of Time

Only 6 months before the devastating earthquake in Nepal, I myself was there taking pictures of all the beauties among the amazing people and the magnificent temples. Touched by the endless miracles, embraced the atmosphere of joy and being loved. Full of thoughts that the beauties will be timeless and promised to myself that one day I would be back to see more of the beauties in different seasons.

And forgot the measureless and immeasurable of time.

And now, almost one year after the earthquake, I still sat on my own stream of hope, watching the flow of memories, letting go the dropping tears and release them to the eternal flow of time. Through the tunnel of love, I still contemplated for the eternal peace that had spread the bright stars into the sky of all hearts, I listened to the angel’s voice from deep within whispering that yesterday is today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.

Trying to believe, to accept on what had happened to those beautiful people and the amazing ancient temples that had gone in seconds.

Not easy to be a full circle of meaning in my limited thoughts, but faith had never left.

As for now I gave up to questioning more, as the wind whispering to my ears what Kahlil Gibran said about time in the last paragraph in The Prophet,

Let each season encircle all the other seasons, 

And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing.

13 tanggapan untuk “WPC – To the Eternal Flow of Time

  1. InsyaAllah aku mau ke Nepal , April. 2 hari sama teman, selebihnya solo travelling karena mereka nanjak ke Annapurna. Galau, karena Nepal kena Embargo minyak oleh India. semua harga pada Naik. huhuhu

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    1. Waw asiknya. Sudah ada beberaoa temen tg ke Nepal lagi after the quake, ya situasinya begitulah. Dan bisa jd memburuk kl embargo terus menerus. Dulu aja susah apalagi diembargo…


  2. Biar jadi sejarah soal bangunan-bangunan yang dulu pernah ada… selama spirit di sana masih hidup, maka bangunan itu pun pasti akan berganti. Saya mau ngomong ini lagi sih: mungkin memang ada maksud tertentu di balik kehancuran bangunan-bangunan itu. Penghancuran sebelum adanya kelahiran yang baru… :hehe.

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