WPC – The Present of Today – My Birthday

Have A Wonderful Night
Have A Wonderful Night

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is a gift

That is why it is called

The present.


For this week’s photo challenge, the Daily Post asked us to take a moment to notice our present and share a photo of it. A ‘Now’ photo. And it’s totally matched to me.

Well, I thanked God for the present, of today. Not yesterday, nor tomorrow. It’s today. Now.

It’s Christmas’ Eve and my birthday, too 🙂
(And please do not ask me to count the candles on the birthday cake anymore, since I stopped counting those candles, -and stop putting candles and sometimes no birthday cake anymore-, after my 17th birthday, long long ago)

As time flies through the seconds, minutes and hours of my birthday, I write on my journal. Time is moving forward, every second is a priceless present. That’s why we have to appreciate every moment, every second that God gives us. It’s not easy but it does not mean we cannot do it. At least we can try our best. We should make every day count, for we may never be able to experience it again. Today is not just the result of yesterday, it is the foundation for building the tomorrow that we really want.

Aaah, the guest relation officer of the hotel seems know about my birthday (perhaps from the check-in process) and tonight is Christmas’ Eve, that’s why she sends small cookies to my room, with a small beautiful note

Sun is upset and Moon is happy. Because Sun is missing you and Moon is gonna be with you for rest of the night – Have A Wonderful Night

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