WPC – Eye Spy in Angkor Wat

A young monk in the window of Angkor Wat
A young monk in the window of Angkor Wat

It was my first time exploring Angkor Wat, several years ago. Walking along the corridor of the inner gallery of this majestic temple, I felt so excited. I found fewer tourists in this area, perhaps it was April, the hottest month in Cambodia. I did not want to be burnt by the heat in the open area of Angkor 🙂 that’s why I walked and captured the beauties of the temple in the morning a little bit in hurry like I raced with the heat of the sun.

And about the photo I submit for this challenge…

Actually I wanted to take a photo of Angkor Wat’s window which has small stone-columns décor and a sitting young monk in orange robe facing outside of the temple as the background. But at the time I pushed the button; he was turning his head and looking at me… and Ta Daaa…

Inspired by the theme of Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Eye Spy

18 tanggapan untuk “WPC – Eye Spy in Angkor Wat

  1. I understand on how hot Angkor is in a sunny day, and how you can’t stand the heat :haha. The best way is to buy some bottles of water, to keep you hydrated.
    One dollar, one dollar… *kabur*.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. Terima kasih Na. Hihihi masih belajar kali Na… nah kapan mau ke angkor? Tuh kan dipanggil2 jadinya… masih banyak Na… Samber Prei Kuk and Banteay Chhmar belom dapat jatah…


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