WPC – A Love to Paris

Lotus as France Flag
Lotus as France Flag

Unfortunately the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week’s theme which is about Victory was in contrary with the situation of the world right now. I felt so heartless if I post about victorious moment at time we should kneel down to pray and embrace our hearts to the Most Gracious God on what had happened in last 24 hours.

Last night the world, again, was shocked by the brutality of terrorism in Paris. Hundreds of innocent people were died by the shooting of cold-blooded terrorists and the number may be increasing, by of the wounded in the hospitals. In a very short time, the family of the innocent people had lost their beloved son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister, uncle or aunty; their loved ones. Most of them were gone without any chance to say lovely goodbye and left a hollow in their family’s hearts. They’re all in the deep grief, so unbearable, the other extreme side of victorious moment.

With my thoughts and prayers go out to the innocent people who killed, -may they rest in peace-, and to the family and relatives of them, -may God gives the strength-, I remembered similar terrorism situations with bomb modus, as happened several times in my country more than a decade ago. The bombs that were exploded in Bali and Jakarta in different time, -and unfortunately those happened next to my branch office at both places-, made my heart shattered in sadness. More than two hundred people were passed away, all civilians, tourists, workers, teenagers etc.. I, without any relationship to those innocent people who killed, felt so sad, angry and depressed; and could not imagine how miserable the heart of the family was. I was crying and struggling from the miserable situation. But life always gives us choices, to be still or to find a change. And I preferred the last.

By time, in long meditative journey I realized that sometimes things happened to us, at that time they seemed so horrible and devastating, so unfair. But in the process of reflection, this horrible face brought a lesson, -a very tough one-, to know our own selves. The terrorist came into our peaceful world with this kind of face. We can live in fear as they want us that way, or we live peacefully in victory. As a wise man said,

Victory in life is victory over the self. If we gain control over our mind, our body, our distractions and temptations, there is little that can stand in our way.

The terrorists, they can explode places, buildings, cafes, they can devastate our peaceful environment, but they cannot kill humanity. They cannot obliterate the reason we live for. In Paris or wherever we are in this beautiful world.

So much love for Parisien

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  1. Iya, beautiful thoughts banget Mbak, keren kontemplasinya. Kalau saya mungkin akan berpasrah saja. Semua di dunia ini terjadi pasti karena suatu maksud. Pertumpahan darah itu tak akan sia-sia. Semoga kita semua diberi ketabahan :huhu.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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