WPC – A Kite that Connected

Flying kite
Flying kite

One nice thing to do in Bali is watching the kites in the beach as I did some time ago. From the shade where I sat, I saw a colorful boat-shaped kite dancing up and down beautifully in the air, with the white clouds and blue sky as the background. The kite was connected through a strong white string that almost cannot be seen.

It was like life, sometimes the kite swooping down and by time it’s going up again. Or perhaps we lose in a battle with another kite. Well, the wind, the other kites, the strong string and the skills of the kite-fliers became the symbol in life. As Kathy Reichs said, –Remember, I might be the wind, but you control the kite-.

Kites in Bali beach
Kites in Bali beach

This post is written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme – Connected

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