WPC – Creepy & Spooky

I was starting a short trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia with my friend, when the Weekly Photo Challenge asked us to submit a Creepy Photo! I don’t have many creepy photos, actually I don’t like to take creepy, or spooky pictures; but for participating in a photo challenge, it would be fun.

From the roof top restaurant of my hotel, I saw this place. An old abandoned building. It became more creepy and spooky at night because of its dimmed red light. So, on the way back to the hotel, I took this place and left directly. There was not enough light to make the photo clearer.

And here’s my photo with an unknown shadow in the middle. What is it? I really don’t know. When I capture the building, nobody’s there…

Creepy and Spooky

Creepy and Spooky


9 pemikiran pada “WPC – Creepy & Spooky

  1. Maybe they were the shadows of the pillars, Mbak *trying to be calm while shaking*.
    Doh, they did a very good job with the illumination. The lamps did it with the bloodlike color! I absolutely don’t want to visit the building in night–though it seems tempting in the day…
    Great photo!

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    • hahaha Gara, perhaps you’re right 😀 because of the pillars or the trees…
      Argh, I felt the same as yours about the lights and more uncomfortable if you see inside, with the messy dull chairs, dark and clumsy. Complete! hahaha…
      Anyway, thanks yaaa…

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