WPC – Intricate Design in Myanmar Temples

A Prayer's Hall in Shwedagon

A Prayer’s Hall in Shwedagon

An intricate roof in Shwedagon

An intricate roof in Shwedagon

Gate of Prayers' Hall - Shwedagon

Gate of Prayers’ Hall – Shwedagon

Mandalay Roof in Shwedagon

Mandalay Roof in Shwedagon

I could not deny that temples in Myanmar were shown in my mind when I read that “Intricate” is being the theme of Weekly Photo Challenge.

Surely, I cannot forget with the intricate design of the roofs and gates of Shwedagon Phaya in Yangon, and Mahamuni Temple in the city of Mandalay.

The roofs, the gates of prayers’ hall and the pillars are intricately carved, mostly with gold color. Those made the temple and pagoda so bright at night. The attractive decoration on the top curved gate in Mahamuni, on the pillars and the roofs as well, -in Shwedagon or in Mahamuni, all amazed me. I believed only highly skilled artistic workers with consistent strength could make it all happened.

Pagoda Mahamuni

Pagoda Mahamuni

Gate in Mahamuni - Mandalay

Gate in Mahamuni – Mandalay


13 pemikiran pada “WPC – Intricate Design in Myanmar Temples

    • Thank you Irene. I have many selections from Myanmar, Thailand, or Khmer/Cambodian temples likes yours, Korea or Japan’s roof top or temples in my country. Finally Myanmar’s after being confused hahaha…

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        • Thank you for your kind attention, I’d been there last November and was so crushed when I knew the earth quake took thousands souls and destroyed most of the historic temples with intricate carvings. But thank God, my friends and their families are okay. My prayers always go out to the Nepali people because of their kind and beautiful heart.

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  1. Wow, desainnya rumit sekali! Selalu penasaran bagaimana bisa orang-orang di zaman dahulu membuat semua ini dengan presisi tingkat tinggi. Sepuhan emasnya juga spektakuler, bisa tetap berkilau. Keren bangetlah ini, apalagi diabadikannya cantik banget, keindahannya jadi makin keluar. Sip!

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