Afloat Flowers

Afloat flowers in Bali
Afloat flowers in Bali

Flower means living life in Bali. It probably a little bit exaggerated, but if you’ve been in Bali, then you will understand. Flowers are everywhere. Everywhere you go for a walk, you will see flowers, especially in the morning-, in your front door, in front of the shops and businesses, in the corner of a hotel corridor and so on…

As part of their wonderful daily routine, they use flowers in offerings so that they will be blessed with good fortunes. But flowers are not used for offerings only; they use it also for daily decoration to raise the ambience of the heart, like this picture I took: afloat flowers. And I’m always attracted to flowers…

The leaves of a plant do not look green forever,

flowers do not look fresh forever;

but I pray to God that smile on your lips stays forever – 


17 tanggapan untuk “Afloat Flowers

    1. Iya cantik banget ya… Memang benar bunga kamboja dan mawar hanya sebagai hiasan saja disitu. Saya suka formasinya dalam wadah berair itu. Menurut saya, sangat Bali gitu… 🙂


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